The primary services we offer are related mainly to Geology, Geomechanics, Geophysics and Drilling, and Blasting Engineering for mining and civil engineering works, sale of instruments, equipment and computer applications (software) for geophysics, seismic geotechnics and blasting, as well as environmental monitoring services.

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That service allows a greater number of samples, improving the representation in the field, especially in the context of efficiency and response time.

Blasting comprehensive analyzes focus, linking the short and long term, to obtain degrees of fragmentation such that minimize the combined cost of the Mine Process, Materials Handling and Comminution.

Both Mineral Projects as other industrial activities, not related to mining, demanding the completion of blasting, must deal with the impact on the community generated using explosives.

In GeoBlast have available a number of tools to control and perform monitoring variables that can affect the results of the mining or civil works.

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