Rock Testing Laboratory


Located in the city of Calama since 2014, it offers customers a control and traceability system via web, which allows each customer to track their samples online. It has a wide variety of automated equipment, which ensures high precision measurements, under ASTM quality standards.

The laboratory facilities offer the following tests:

  1. Unit weight – dry condition (rectification of samples – geometric measurements).
  2. Sample preparation from cores and collapses.
  3. Apparent or relative density (kerosene) ultrasonic velocity (Vp/Vs).
  4. Hardness tests (Equotip).
  5. Porosity – Humidity.
  6. Pre – Post ruptura photography.
  1. Uniaxial compression (simple) UCS (with/without deformation modulus).
  2. Triaxial compression (with/without deformation modulus).
  3. Direct shear in rock structures (Hoek cell) in collpas and/or cores.
  4. Indirect traction (Basilean test.
  5. Point Load Index (PLT).
  6. Dynamic modulus of elasticity.