GBCloud Platform


GBCloud is a platform that aims to be a tool for data analysis and storage:

  1. In synergy with the remote vibration monitoring and geotechnical sensor data capture system, it provides the necessary functions for creating a robust database and performing analysis in one place.
  2. Real-time display of all sensors.
  3. Control and rescue of all types of information in a few steps. Location of equipment, events, peaks, database, analysis, etc.

It allows to visualize all the events generated by each sensor, providing data such as date, time and location, as well as to filter the information by sensors

Allows native file download for external processing

In the blasting entry form, it allows to register several parameters in order to store relevant information for later analysis

Visualize the wave in the case of seismographs. Deliver frequency/vibration pair associated with international standards

The upload events option allows you to import events from sensors of different brands, in order to have the information in a single database