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The firm will provide the mining company with 150 professionals who will be in charge of the management of the geological sampler located in Pozo Almonte, the administration of the database, geological modeling, operational geotechnical support, rock and soil testing, topography and hydrogeology, among other services.

After more than 15 years providing consulting services to Compañía Minera Doña Inés de Collahuasi, and five years maintaining a comprehensive contract, GeoBlast announced the renewal of the latter until December 2024.

The company specialized in geotechnical engineering, geology, mechanical preparation, rock laboratory, drilling and blasting, software and product development said that the contract extension will be in charge of 150 professionals coordinated under a shift system.

“The integral contract considers the scope in the management of the geological sampler located in Pozo Almonte, the administration of the database, geological and geotechnical modeling, operational geotechnical support, rock and soil testing, topography and hydrogeology, among other services. All of the above, implementing new technologies”, says Cristián Álvarez, General Manager of GeoBlast.

Working together

Benefits of this renewal for GeoBlast and for Collahuasi? The greatest benefit of this current award is that we aspire to work together to continue optimizing the processes in which GeoBlast is immersed, improving productivity, safety and making our company a more sustainable company with the integration of the circular economy and support to promote local talent and the development of neighboring communities,” says Álvarez.

He emphasizes that, in addition, in conjunction with Collahuasi and with the intention of encouraging the hiring of young professionals from the Arica and Parinacota Region, recently graduated or without previous work experience, new workspaces were created to promote local talent at the Pozo Almonte and Cordillera mine facilities.

Collahuasi is committed to promoting professionals trained in Tarapacá, creating opportunities for them to join the site or the local mining industry. In this sense, GeoBlast’s proposal reinforces these intentions and gives the possibility of opening other spaces for new generations of young people to develop professionally, contributing to Tarapacá mining with their knowledge and skills forged in universities in the region.

Active contribution to R+D

Meanwhile, the founder and Director of GeoBlast, Carlos Scherpenisse, highlights the company’s innovation proposal. “The added value we have is an integral operation without accidents with lost time that seeks to implement technology from the mining market to each of its processes. For example, within the projects, we apply drones for structural mapping, Artificial Intelligence studies for borehole mapping, remote slope stability monitoring, robotic arms in the rock laboratory, among others. To do this, we minimize the costs and risks involved in each activity, without losing the quality of our services and without lowering our safety levels,” he maintains.

He emphasizes that the firm’s intention is to maintain its prestige in mining development nationally and internationally. “We want to contribute so that the mining of the future develops more R&D projects, contributes to environmental care and is in line with part of the Strategic Plan that Collahuasi has promoted through encouraging the circular economy in the different processes in which we are immersed,” he states.

He says that, for example, with the intention of constantly seeking new technologies and innovations applied to mining and which are often developed through GeoBlast’s multidisciplinary team, the company has undertaken numerous R&D projects with the support of Corfo and Collahuasi. “We are currently working on the construction of a 5,000 m2 geological sampler in Pozo Almonte that will be environmentally friendly, as it will have energy provided by solar panels, grey waters, recycling areas and green areas,” he adds.

2022 Challenges

What are GeoBlast’s challenges for 2022? Cristián Álvarez states that they are to replicate integral service awards, such as the contract with Collahuasi, with other mining companies. “Also to implement technologies that help optimize processes to improve the safety and quality of the services we provide and finally to continue contributing to the environment and communities,” he emphasizes.

The executive recalls that GeoBlast has excelled in safety and risk management issues, a value that has been recognized by its clients. “Since 2010, it has totaled almost 2,500,000 man-hours without lost-time accidents,” he highlights.

“Also, today the company is certified with the ISO 9001 quality standard. And with the commitment to deliver a service with excellent quality, safety and environmental standards, we are working on the Trinorma Certification,” adds Álvarez.

GeoBlast renueva contrato integral con Collahuasi

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